Spontaneous Initiations

  1. I read Autobiography of a Yogi in July, 2011. It was suggested by a friend circle in the first company I worked with after my Masters in Mumbai, from TISS. I didn’t have the spiritual baptism, i didnt even know about Ananda back then. I was coded to read that book, as connect energetically with with Maha-Avatar Babaji, especially after looking at this photograph of him, which was commissioned by my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda
  2. I read that book, arranged myself to marry a NRI whom I didnt know, who lived in Texas. I knew it clearly that this was the next step. That alliance didnt have anything to do with that poor guy actually (he was just a lay person with no spiritual insight)
  3. 12.12.2012 was a cosmic moment, when Maha-Avatar Babaji’s energy flooded the Earth. And those who were coded to hear His Voice. Heard it, responded to it. My location for this time had to be at Houston.
  4. More importantly — I had to be at Moody Gardens, which is on the same Latitude as the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, as Max has been introduced there.
  5. Now, who is Max and what is my relationship to him? — Max is one of the prime recently re-surfacing Mayan Crystal Skulls who are like advanced computers you can say.




I'm MB777, Omega.

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Aranya Sita Israel

Aranya Sita Israel

I'm MB777, Omega.

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